Saturday, 20 January 2018

Don't ask, don't get

Sounds simple but the Rolls Royce minds of the FCO cannot implement this simple negotiating principle. As a result the French are running rings round DD as they previously did with DC and his fake negotiation. Negotiation is quite easy. You decide what you want and ask for it.

The media phrase that I detest most is the EU hold most of the cards. They don't but if we are not prepared to play the strong cards we have the EU will walk all over us. The EU despite their crocodile tears are trying to wreck our country. We must respond robustly to these bullies.

The cards we do hold are the amount of EU goods we import, our intelligence capability, our financial services  which are not just in the City of London and our incorruptible common law that predates the Norman conquest and Bayeux tapestry and goes back to Saxon courts.  The corrupt. ECJ system is highly politicised and distrusted outside the EU. It is the integrity of our legal system that explains the success of our financial services. It is the political  corruption of the ECJ that explains the relative failure of EU financial services. Our Universities are outstanding in all fields and can compete with the best US institutions.

The English language is a double edged sword . As long as we are in the EU the mid Europeans can unite to hate us as freedom parties in British colonies did. As soon as the Brits left they started squabbling with each other. There will be a similar fall out amongst the mid Europeans when we leave. Who will make up the EU budget short?

We should leave under WTO rules on 29th March. By all means have an implementation period but the so transition period is just a big business ploy to keep us in the EU aided by Brussels to keep a hold of our money as long as possible

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Why do we want the Bayeux tapestry anyway?

I can think of no other country that would make such a big thing of exhibiting a national defeat to our impressionable Corbyn loving children. It will only be easily accessible to those living in London thus pandering to the metropolitan elite.. There is an excellent Victorian copy in Reading for anyone that interested.Time for Mrs May to say thanks but no thanks.. Beware Greeks bearing gifts!

I find as always the Matt cartoon hits the nail on the head.

The Telegraph - Matt cartoons

Or perhaps a good Tory feud from the Sun

Taking more unaccompanied 20 plus olds claiming to be children is madness. The French EU created this mess, let them clear it up. Allowing these 'migrants' to work in France would go far to eliminating this problem.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

No more money for the French

T' May's lets be nice to the EU tactics are clearly not working. May has already given up far r to much of our money and interests to the EU. The EU have pocketed this largess and are now back, like Oliver Twist, asking for more. All very rational Why give a sucker  like May an even break?

One hour uninterrupted  Soubry this lunch time. Cockburn only interrupts Leavers. Soubry and other Remainers are never interrupted.

Starmer, the DPP who failed to prosecute rapist  taxi diver Worboys for most of his alleged offences is using  very duplicitous  tactics to try and keep us in the EU.

The EU are just lapping up what Grieve and his Tory chums are saying. They are making things as horrible as possible for Mrs May and they are supposed to be on her side. Barnier does not have to do anything!

The French are trying to blackmail us, demanding payment for their immigrant problems. Is that not an EU problem? I do hope May remembers what happened to John Major  when he gave up half our rebate fora promise to reform the CAP. Another broken French promise.

Play hardball Mrs May just like the EU or you will be shafted. Don't give the French any more money.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Farage shows his true character

The news today widely trumpeted on the  Remainer media that Farage backs calls for a second Referendum has nothing to do with the merits or demerits of the case. Farage cares only about Farage and is, and always has been an attention seeker. He is trying to drum up a bigger audience for his failing LBC chat show.

He was not part of the  Leave referendum campaign and does not speak for anyone but himself in this matter. By opening his mouth he has confirmed the poor opinion serous politicians have of him, a seven time loser  in the Westminster stakes doing great harm to what is left of UKIP with his me, me, me attitude.  .

I am glad he is now showing himself up as the petulant juvenile we knew him for.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Another fine mess by Mrs May

Oliver Hardy's catch phrase to Stan Laurel in the old black and white films of the 30s was that's another fine mess you have got me into. Mrs May is now a comic figure if not as funny as Laurel& Hardy but then no one ever accused Mrs May of having a sense of humour, tragedy is her line.

A cabinet reshuffle is one of the simplest tasks a PM has.You just say I need your job for someone else. Will you be x and offer them that post. If they demur you say  sack them. Donald does it all the time so it can't be too difficult.

Putting Matthew Hancock in is a big mistake but the whole thing is littered with errors. May is just not up to the job and deserves everything coming to her from the Tories. Brexit is receding further into the distance with each May cock up and will eventually disappear and with it our country will become an EU colony and our people slaves to the ruling Franco Prussian Brussels political elite.

Is it worth keeping this incompetent woman in power to extend the life of the duplicitous Tory party which will rightly be swept out of power for 15 years at the next election. Corbyn cannot be worse.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Ranting remainers can't accept they lost

An excellent post on Conservative Woman blog, written by a man, outlining how Adonis and his fellow travellers like my neighbour Paddy will try to rob us of Brexit. It is detailed authoritative and true. The ultra Remainers views on those of us who voted to leave are summarised in this quote'

‘Leave voters were predominantly uneducated, “low-information” people who didn’t know what they were voting for’

I have heard this sneer so often from the political elite who all have one thing in common, they respect democracy only when it confirms their views and prejudices, other wise the quote above is their default position.

Here are a few more quotes from this blog that summarise Remainer's arrogant, erroneous and deliberately misleading  views for which no factual evidence is ever produced

‘The Leave vote was driven by racism and xenophobia, to stop all immigration’

‘The Leave vote caused a spike in hate crime’ - lie

‘They didn’t vote to be poorer, or to leave the single market and customs union’

Well actually that's exactly what they did vote for in  the knowledge it will make us better off and freer. so another Remainer lie.

 ‘Never in modern times has there been such an overt and even contemptuous attempt to deny the legitimacy of a popular vote.’ True!

Also true about Remainers,

 "they are still disproportionately influential and vocal in politics, government, the media, academia, and big business. As we go into 2018, Brexit is still not certain, despite being the largest vote for any single policy in British political history. It’s starting to feel as if democracy itself is dangling by a very tenuous thread."

They support Remain because they have a huge financial interest in keeping us in the EU at the expense of the ordinary people of the UK. It would be nice if the BBC examined  the financial motives of Remainers.