Friday, 2 February 2018

The EU never intended to negotiate a sensible deal with us they want to humiliate us

Yanis warned the UK government not to negotiate with the EU or they would end up humiliated like Greece. The EU have led head girl Maya merry dance and every time the music stops May has obligingly given more away to the EU.

Wise up Mrs May the EU are just wearing you down with these false negotiations They never intended a deal.  Just send Barnier a note to this effect  and say we will not play this crooked game any more and we will leave on 29th March and thereafter trade with the EU under WTO rules and sit back and wait. Our quislings will wail,.the CBI business will moan endlessly, the BBC will foam at the mouth but just get on with domestic affairs, building houses, financing the NHS and our schools and putting immigration controls in place. and dish Corbyn.

Do not listen to the FCO or HMT. Go to the North and the Midlands and talk to ordinary people and listen to what they say. Withdraw UK military forces from mainland Europe and set up UK talks with Putin.

The just wait. There are plenty in Europe,Poles \Czechs, Greeks  who remember what the Germans did in 1939/45.Give them time to think what the EU will be like without the UK and wait, wait and wait. As Eartha Kitt used to sing, "an Englishman needs time."

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

It is the cost of living that matters to us plebs

The cost of living is a phrase that has fallen into disuse these last 20 years. The politicians don't want to talk about it a as a general concept and today, Carney in the Daily Telegraph calls for 'meritless' RPI measure to be axed and only the CPI published. The RPI is a much closer measure of the cost of living  and as arithmetic mean, is for the same set of constituents,  always higher than the CPI which is a  geometric mean/ That is why our very political BoE Governor likes it. It makes his performance on controlling inflation look better. CPI is  also the measure the EU uses but  conveniently does not include housing costs which are important to us plebs.

All this waffly talk of the economy of course suits politicians very well. The economy is a vague concept that can mean anything. Note how often politicians use it.Cost of living is much harder edged and people clearly understand it. Trade Unionists used to use it a lot in the days when they represented ordinary people Sadly now they are more concerned with gender equality, gay rights and other facets of political correctness and virtue signaling.

Better we returned to simple words and concepts. It is as Orwell wrote destroy the meanng of language and words then mean what the political elite say they mean.

The ONS now favour CPIH which is CPI with housing costs included.KISS is best

Was I the only one who found the HoL display of arrogance and £300 per day privilege during the Brexit debate nauseating?

As a Lord put it,  You pay each of them £300 a day to luxuriate in what Lord Ridley called “the gilded, crimson echo-chamber for Remain”…,

Monday, 29 January 2018

No taxation without representation

That was the winning slogan of the American colonists in 1776 in their fight against British Empire taxation and it should be ours opposing EU taxation.

What the EU will want is our fishing grounds that Heath gave away in 72/73 to ensure our entry into the EEC. No skin off Heaths nose. Indeed he was rewarded with the valuable Charlemagne prize out of which he bought his yacht Morning Cloud. Getting our fishing grounds back will be a totemic victory for Mrs May and boy does she need a good result all she has had so far are disasters.

I have no doubt she will swallow all the EU demands just as Heath did in 73. It will be a national humiliation  engineered by our traitorous MPs, Grieve, Soubry etc.

There is an alternative just walk away and tell the EU all our future trade will be on WTO rules. Has she the guts to do this? I doubt it.

When I campaigned in the streets for the Referendum I warned the good citizens of Somerset if we did not leave the EU their children would live as German slaves or as Rees Mogg puts it we will be a vassal state. I was abused by the LibDems for saying this but it has come to pass sooner than even I expected.

The EU philes always switch the argument to economic grounds Heath did this in 1972/73 so well that issues like the ECJ ruling over us was never even discussed. Freedom always trumps economics. Ask the Chinese.

Our referendum vote was to restore our freedom. Politicians want to keep us enslaved so they can feather their own nest as  Lansley, Mitchell  and Lilley showed on C4 dispatches last night. £5000 a day seems to be the going daily rate for ex cabinet ministers. I think the EU betters that for its bien pensants.

The transition period is a trap, set by the EU/HMT and fed to Hammond who egged on by his corporatist friends enthusiastically propounded it at Cabinet as his own big idea. Hammond is not smart enough to see the trap. Rees Mogg does thank gooodness.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Time for May to go and take Hammond with her

Another disastrous, cringe making performance by May at Davos today. As Juliet Samuel wrote in Monday's Telegraph  her Government is "headless, clueless and has lost all direction".She describes her as a Wizard of Oz figure.

Ian Martin in today's Times has a piece headlined, "Will someone rid us of this appalling PM " As he says May's unsuitability was hidden behind her aggressive, now resigned, chiefs of staff. She is not up to the job. Tory MPs must have known this before they elected her as leader. The country needs leadership and  she cannot provide it.

Now we have Hammond who represents  the EU and Goldman Sachs articulating these beliefs to the international media. Goldmans wrecked the Greek economy and they will wreck ours to please the EU if Hammond is not stopped.

May is a head girl eager to please school senior management,  headmaster Junker, deputy Tusk,and chief bully Barnier. She and Hammond have to go or we won't have a country, left only an EU province ruled by EU proconsul Clegg.

Time for the 1922 committee chairman to act.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Current party leading lights election winning potential

May is a poor media performer , a poor campaigner and lacks vision, judgement  and electoral appeal. She is there for entirely negative reasons.,nobody likes her..She is clearly not up to the job, John Major in a skirt. Remember JM ushered in 13 years of Labour rule.

Sure fire election loser

Hammond makes John Major look colourful and Rudd is a Maybot clone with a lesser brain. Both are deeply unlikeable and more robotic even than May.

Both are certain election losers

People like Boris Johnson. He is warm and has a sense of humour. He is a proven election winner and great campaigner. He is the best chance the Tories have of winning the next election and they would be crazy not to choose Boris as leader. Safety first boring candidates like Hammond or Rudd will lose heavily and consign the Tories to the wilderness for at least 10 years.I have a great liking for Glasgow hard man Liam Fox. The famous thin red line that held the road to Sebastopol in the Crimean war was the Argylls recruited in \Glasgow. As the Colonel said to his young soldiers as the Russian calvery filed down from the hills to charge them, "Laddie, you never saw anything like that going down the Galllow Gate". The Argylls held the road., no public school boys involved  only Glaswegian tough nuts. Liam |Fox is a committed Leaver in that mould. I trust him. I do not trust Sir Jeremy cover up and his chums.

Jeazza is a proven excellent campaigner. If the Tories do not choose  BoJo Jezza will win. .
The Tory establishment will try and ensure a final run of for leader  will be a non-choice Hammond or Rudd. They know that in a  BoJo versus AN other Tory that goes to the membership BoJo would win. They will do anything to avoid this outcome their members want.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Farage previously made two sets of changes to UKIP constitution

I was on the UKIP NEC for around 6 months before I was kicked off by Farage. He got Bannerman now a Tory  MEP and a then  Tory plant wannabe UKIP MEP . How do I know Farage was behind it? I, and the late Piers Merchant  overheard Farage ranting in the corridor to his sycophants,"I want him off". The him was of course me an elected representative who asked too many questions about UKIP finances.

The NEC duely voted for my removal at a time  when I and my two supporters could not attend. This happened in 2009 so things have obviously not changed between Farage and the NEC . Mr Bolton at least got to vote for himself. I was not given that chance.

I was however glad to be off the NEC because of the financial risk I was exposed to as an elected representative. Farage then had two sets of changes to the UKIP constitution voted through by a costly poll of the membership. for the same reasons he was citing today. He obviously did not do a very good job on these changes. He and his place persons, Nuttall et al  still had NEC problems.

I  had some experience of politics in the Civil Service. Some of the NEC members  had won first past the post  UK elections something which despite 7 well funded attempts Farage never achieved. Farage is a very good media performer but not a good campaigner. Take what he says about incompetent NEC members with a pinch of salt. Disagreeing with Farage does not make you incompetent,  quite the contrary.

His achievement was to get us a referendum but it was Bojo and Gisella Stuart, both great campaigners, that won it. Farage was not part of the campaign. He is a Marmite vote loser . Bojo and the rest knew this and rightly kept Nigel off the winning campaign team.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Don't ask, don't get

Sounds simple but the Rolls Royce minds of the FCO cannot implement this simple negotiating principle. As a result the French are running rings round DD as they previously did with DC and his fake negotiation. Negotiation is quite easy. You decide what you want and ask for it.

The media phrase that I detest most is the EU hold most of the cards. They don't but if we are not prepared to play the strong cards we have the EU will walk all over us. The EU despite their crocodile tears are trying to wreck our country. We must respond robustly to these bullies.

The cards we do hold are the amount of EU goods we import, our intelligence capability, our financial services  which are not just in the City of London and our incorruptible common law that predates the Norman conquest and Bayeux tapestry and goes back to Saxon courts.  The corrupt. ECJ system is highly politicised and distrusted outside the EU. It is the integrity of our legal system that explains the success of our financial services. It is the political  corruption of the ECJ that explains the relative failure of EU financial services. Our Universities are outstanding in all fields and can compete with the best US institutions.

The English language is a double edged sword . As long as we are in the EU the mid Europeans can unite to hate us as freedom parties in British colonies did. As soon as the Brits left they started squabbling with each other. There will be a similar fall out amongst the mid Europeans when we leave. Who will make up the EU budget short?

We should leave under WTO rules on 29th March. By all means have an implementation period but the so transition period is just a big business ploy to keep us in the EU aided by Brussels to keep a hold of our money as long as possible