Monday, 25 September 2017

Freedom from the EU above all is what we voted for

At times like these I look back to Scotland's great struggle for freedom as summarised in the Declaration of Arbroath drafted by the Abbot of Arbroath, Bernard of Kilwining  on 6th April 1320 and sent to the Pope at Avignon shortly after. It was signed by 51 nobles but unlike the earlier Magna Carta, also dealt with the rights of ordinary. The Abbot wrote as most of the nobles could not write and assented by attaching their seal. The article below covers the main points. I have just noticed the last name on the list of signatories,

Thomas de Morham

Morham is a tiny hamlet with a population now of around 25, south of Haddington. My aunt ran a one teacher school there for 15 years and I spent many wet days reading the teachers diary for the 18 hundreds. Morham was also the birthplace of John Knox Scotland's great protestant religous leader

The US declaration of Independence drafted by Thomas Jefferson drew heavily on the ideas of the Arbroath declaration.. Its no coincidence that John Knox Witherspoon, formerly minister of Paisley kirk and headhunted to be President of Princeton was a big influence on Jefferson and a New Jersey delegate to the Continental Congress and helped draw up an sign the US Declaration of Independence.

The part of the Declaration of Arbroath that resonates with me today is the following

It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.

It rightly puts freedom first above wealth or should we say the economy ,Single Market and Customs union for without freedom you are a slave, and a German slave in the case of the EU. it makes me sick to hear these political non-entities talk endlessly that we must put jobs first and stay in the single market.

No, No, No

as Mrs Thatcher once said its freedom ie freedom from the ECJ that must come first or you have nothing. The Abbot had it dead right 700 years ago. 

Ask any of these politicians to define the so called single market. I wager none can tell you. Its not actually a market at all!

Its a set of rules that tries to harmonise national trade rules at EU level. WTO rules do that only they do it for the whole world

EU single market rules benefit the Germans above all. The rules still do not cover services 30 years after the misleading term single market was coined but then what is the EU but a collection of Franco Prussian deceits.?

Friday, 22 September 2017

Brexit delayed will be Brexit denied

Nigel Farage summed up May's Florence speech as,

Kicked Brexit into the long grass in best Sir Jeremy Coverup style

A victory for the political elite

A victory for Goldman Sachs

and two fingers to the 17.4 million Brits that voted for Brexit

See for yourself on link below


As Farage pointed out her speech to an empty UN chamber two days earlier showed she would sell us out to Brussels and she did just that today. She is naive with poor political judgement and is not up to the job of  PM. I hope she is removed at the Tory conference in two weeks time. She has to go or Brexit will never happen. She is more concerned with placating big business and Brussels  than implementing the will of the British people. She is no patriot.

Trevor Kavanagh got it right in this morning's sSun before May had even opened her mouth.

TREVOR KAVANAGHIgnore all the false smiles, our Deep State is trying to turn Brexit into Wrexit

It is not surprising that a pro EU cabinet Secretary and a pro EU chancellor backed by a pro EU Cabinet are conspiring to keep us in the EU against the wishes of the majority of the British people. They are no doubt toasting themselves this evening on how the have put one over on us plebs. They should remember that Adolf Hitler came to power by exploiting the feeling of German ordinary people that they had been betrayed by their political elite at the end of WWI. We are in a war right now. Its the same enemy a resurgent German 4th Reich. People do not forget loss of thei loved ones  as quickly as politicians think they do. It could never happen here they say .Think again, it can and will if the UK people feel cheated.

Jacob Rees Mogg nailed it as ever on BBC2 Newsight

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Two optimistic forecasts of the effect of Brexit on the UK if May gets it right.

Consider what happened when we entered the Common Market as it then was in mid 1973. will these effects not be reversible in part or totally? In my view they will to the benefit of the people of the UK.

The most obvious was the rapid rise in food prices as we lost cheap world food produced by efficient Commonwealth farmers and had to buy expensive European food produced by inefficient farmers constrained by restrictive practices and legislation.

I wrote about this earlier in a piece entitled Brexit will benefit the poor. I reproduce it below.

One of the inconvenient facts ignored by HMG in 1972/73 when Heath dragged us into the Common Market supported by the votes of the bien pensants like Shirley Williams and Roy Jenkins later the very well paid head of the EU commission was the forecast that the cost of food would rocket as we lost cheap supplies from the Commonwealth and had to buy expensive European food. I well remember how difficult my friends mothers from our poor part of Edinburgh found it to feed their families in the years 73-76. The poor have to spend proportionately more of their income on food to stay alive than the claret quaffing Jenkins or the great dynastic socialist Williams.

This was no scaremongering. I give the RPI index percentage increase for the years 72 to 76  which clearly shows the effect of Common Market entry on the cost of living.


The cost of living measured correctly by the RPI almost doubled in years following the tabling of the Common Market entry Bill. It set off an inflationary spiral leading eventually to the collapse of the Callaghan government and Thatcher becoming PM.

(Note for Paddy Ashdown & Major Warry these are official government figures and therefore fact not LibDem dodgy forecasts or North's overheated imagination.)

We will see the reverse when we leave the EU as noted in today's Sunday Telegraph in a piece by Edward Malnick sourced from a Labour leave group of economists and therefore opinion Paddy It is entitled:

Poorest families could save £36 per week after leaving EU

The £36 is for the lowest decile. The second lowest decile, 60% of the median  would gain£44 per week. Now these are estimates but I doubt they will be far out.

The second major economic change that took place in 1974 was seaborne trade switched from  deep sea via West Coast ports principally Liverpool to short sea European trade, Felixstowe was just the end of a railway line in 1972. Today it is one of the biggest container ports in the UK. Liverpool was slaughtered helped by bolshie dockers. I was working in Liverpool at the time and it was dreadful to see the demise of a great port but it can and will come back after Brexit. Liverpool is still backed by the great industries of the Midlands and the North West and great links to the Eat American ports. Look at the Cunard building in Liverpool to see what can be done. Already Liverpool is regenerating and this will accelerate.

A resurgent Liverpool will create a real Northern powerhouse. Liverpool was the wealthiest city in Victoria's Empire. The money for the Tate gallery in London came from the Liverpool sugar trade. A huge amount of cotton is still traded through the Liverpool Cotton Exchange. Free trade, not planners will remove the North South divide which so damages our country. Free from the EU our trade will flourish, our wealth increase and social divisions lessen..

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Attempts to negotiate with the EU are bound to fail - Yanis Varoufakis

Yanis has been there and been given the run around by the EU and its 5 Presidents. The EU demands clarity from us but it never gives clarity. Who is responsible for what is a quicksand of ambiguity in the EU. The EU does not want to negotiate a mutually beneficial deal with us. It wants us to surrender unconditionally as if we had been defeated in a major war. It wants us to pay them huge financial reparations. That number keeps changing as well. It is the EU way but when one asks what are we paying for there are no answers just bluster and Gallic shrugs.

We obviously cannot accept this so I ask why bother? We have a perfectly good alternative, WTO rules that 93% of World trade is conducted under. What is happening is a meaningless dance to cover.
HMG's back from accusations, that the Lib Dems, have already made that we did not try to negotiate. We have a very active 6th column in our country from our own government officials Sir Humphrey et al to the CBI, TUC, Labour party, thespians over paid VCs,  the BBC,the list is endless. but they all have one thing in common, they are all on the EU payroll and EU promises of preferment..

John Redwood hit the nail on the head in his blog,

The Remainer's tactics are delay, delay and yet more delay. At the same time there will be a constant drip of EU propaganda via EU sympathetic journalists. Most insidious is the Lib Dem scandalous  policy that there should be a  second Referendum on the results of the government's so called negotiations. There can be no better bargaining chip for the EU and no better way of betraying our country.

May was right to say no deal is better than a bad deal. We  must stick to this and wait.

Sooner or later the other peoples of the EU will realise they are simply the slaves of the Fourth Reich. The so called European Court of Justice is no such thing. It is a political court designed to advance the EU's political objectives. EU economic arguments are always subservient to EU political objectives. I made this argument in 1972 when I was in the Civil Service and I was vilified. Most politicians had not even bothered to read the Treaty of Rome and in particular the clause on ever closer union.

In the EU we are dealing with an aggressive expansionist empire every bit as bad as the Third Reich and Napoleon's Continental system. The crunch will come in the Ukraine where Napoleon and Hitler came to grief but not before many millions of innocents had died. If the EU takes on Russia it will be history repeating itself for the third time.

Listen to Yanis and get out of the EU right now..

Boris is also  right

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Bojo's piece on Brexit was a tour de force

Bojo did as much as anyone to win the 2015 in out EU referendum. He is Foreign Secretary and the EU has always been an FCO responsibility. He is far more qualified to opine on the EU than Hammond, Rudd, Morgan etc so why has he been so outrageously attacked?

BoJo has a real brain unlike the three non-entities I mention above. He writes well and wittily again unlike the 3 Remoaners above. Real talent is always attacked by lick spittle sycophants of little ability.

But worse than that for our 3 Remoaners people like BoJo and unlike the Maybot he likes people. He is a fun guy. Nobody ever accused our 3 Remonaers of being fun people. Hammond looks like and behaves like Uriah Heap. Rudd and Morgan act like head girls seeking to impress the headmistress. by swallowing wasps.

Janet Daley in today's Sunday Telegraph came closest to my view of BoJo. "  He always seemed to me to be a serious person pretending to be unserious" Spot on Ms Daley.He is very clever and hides it by faffing around whilst he considers which of the possible answers he could give to a journo's question is the best. The journos with their non BoJo brain power  do not see this.

Another description was given by Sir Cathcart D'eath in Tom Sharpe' great read Porterhouse Blue. "Looks stupid is clever" as opposed to the 3 Remonaers, "Look clever are stupid".

Like Jacob Rees Mogg, Bojo 's greatest political value is that ordinary people like him, Old Etonia tie and all. Put JRM and Bojo on TV and the Tories will win hands down. The BBC will try to get their bien pensants like Paddy on camera as much as possible but people don't warm to Paddy and his ilk. The Lib Dems did have one guy in the BoJo seat winning league, Charlie Kennedy so the Lib Dem establishment got rid of and replaced him with Menzies Campbell a man in the Hammond mould. Second rate talents feel much more comfortable with second rate leaders.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Juncker's Wehrmacht & Third Reich. Manna for Farage.

Here is link to the drunkard's so called speech:

The local Lib Dems tried to shout me down a year ago when I warned that the EU was planning to have its own army. I was of course correct as Juncker confirmed today and the Lib Dems were as always living in cloud cuckoo land. Never the less there are 100 Lib Dem peers in the House of Lords many put their by the closet Lib Dem David Cameron. They all love the sound of their own voices and can spout pro EU rubbish and without a qualm damage our country citing their Guardianista inspired North London consciences as justification for ruining the lives of ordinary working people.

Here is Nigel Farage's response.

Juncker is a gift for Farage. Juncker did more than anyone to win our Referendum for the Leave campaign. As long as Juncker and his pal Verhofstadt keep on talking the British people will be more and more convinced they did the right thing in voting to leave. A Remainer's life is not a happy one as Gilbert and Sullivan wrote.

Keep up the good work Herr Juncker.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Corbyn the master of double speak and confusion

It might be purposeful, it might be incompetence – either way fudging the party’s position is likely to win votes. It did in June so why not use it again!
That is how the Spectator describes Corbyn's many self contradictory statements and positions. I agree with the Speccy it will win votes from the young and gullible who will latch on to the last thing Corbyn says. He is as big a con man as Tony Blair but operates in a totally different manner. His many self contradictions are not often challenged by the hacks and when they are Corbyn  laughs them off.Photo published for Jeremy Corbyn’s clever confusion on Brexit | Coffee House

He is a front man for some very dangerous hard line leftists who thanks to May's incompetence could easily come to power in the UK. Do not believe his cuddly image. This snake oil sales man is very dangerous. He is a monster May created which she now has no idea how to control.