Friday, 17 November 2017

I have been here before

That was the title of J B Priestly's play on precognition versus freewill. I could only listen to fat Lady Nuggee last night on R5 Question Time talking about how leaving the EU will cost the jobs of ordinary working people to be reminded of Shirley Williams, another Left wing intellectual who like Nuggee has never done a proper job in her life making exactly the same arguments in the 1975 Referendum using exactly  the same project fear doom laden words. Nothing ever changes. We had the dragged through a bush backwards daughter of testament of youth Vera Brittan now we have fat Nuggee, Islington landlord and wife of a high court judge telling the working class she knows what's best for them. She nor her hubby are not seeing their comfortable life style threatened by uncontrolled EU immigration. I am sure I could find a Romanian judge prepared to work for half the salary of Sir Nuggee but somehow that never seems to High  Court judges only to us plebs. We might even get better decisions from a non public school boy judge with some real experience of life doing a proper job.

The other similarity between 1975 and now is that the argument the political class want to take on was about the "economy" a vague meaningless phrase beloved of that other great conman and sex pest Bill Clinton.. Nugee wants as our top priority be to take care of the economy. Sounds a bit like P.rince Charles talking to his Highgrove plants. Concept. like freedom and democracy are obviously too difficult for the wife of a High Court judge to grasp. Mrs Nuggee seems quite happy to hand over power to a foreign court to tell us what to do. I suppose her hubby likes it that way as well, preferable to being bossed around by his wife.

Subjugation to the ECJ makes us a colony of the EU. Give Mugabe his due one of his first acts was to rid his country of subjugation to a foreign court and judges. You can always learn worthwhile lessons from unlikely people.

If the Referendum was about any thing it was to rid ourselves of the yoke of the ECJ.  That is the primary core issue. Economics is secondary.Only Rees Mogg is saying this with any clarity. Don't let the fat lady cloud the issue and muddy the water. Our time has come to free ourselves of the dictatorship of the self appointed elite.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Why Spain, Club Med & club Corbyn countries become basket cases

In the days after Rowland Hill introduced our postal service there was 6 deliveries and collections daily in London. I am currently relaxing in Santa Cruz the capital of not just Tenerife but the whole Canaries archipelago population c 4 million. My wife sent me a card on Saturday that still has not arrived so I asked at hotel reception today Thursday when the post was delivered. Oh said the girl every 3 days usually, if they feel like it. Needs a dose of postie Johnson to sort things out.

It was the same when my son tried to open a bank account. That took him, a lawyer and fluent Spanish speaker 2 flights out and 3 weeks to open. Property transactions seem to involve around 6 different local authority all naturally located in different offices with different opening hours. The police are also always involved.

Maybe you can look forward to this when comrade Corbyn and Dent Coad come to power in the UK as now seems increasingly likely.

Maybe fact finding trips have a value if you do it yourself Jezza. and you will find plenty of basket cases if you look for baskets. You won't find them wandering on Hampstead Heath called Tracy.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

EU and its UK 5th columnists will play their usual long game to sabotage Brexit

It is an open admission by Soubry and her ilk that all their parliamentary antics are aimed at slowing down and eventually stopping Brexit. In this they will be aided by Labour who will do anything to get back into power. Getting Corbyn into Downing Street is all that matters to them. Ordinary working people are expendable. Now that is a real Marxist principle!

Thanks to Tory incompetence they may well succeed in these aims.If this fails the EU have a longer.more subtle plan using EU citizens resident in the UK as its pawns. The EU does not give a fig about their human rights. That is just a convenient smokescreen. The EU  will try to exploit these peoples as moles. They will provide the EU and Polly Toynbee with an unending flow of excuses to beat our government with.

Theresa May has already made a very fair offer to those from the EU working in our country but the EU want so much more. They should have the right to bring in their relatives yea unto the 10th generation as it says in the Bible. These 'rights' would of course have to be overseen by the ECJ for the next hundred years. This must not be allowed. The EU will use its usual salami slicing, thin end of the wedge, tactics supported by the BBC and the other usual suspects. So beware what rights we give to those useful fools.

This has to be met full on and stopped. No FCO fudge! The jurisdiction of the ECJ must stop at Calais even if a whole army of bewigged fools say otherwise. Once you have paid the Danegeld you will never be rid of the EU. Once the EU has its Franco Prussian army those EU countries that remember how their countries were trashed by Napoleon and Hitler will rise up against the EU and plead for the Brits to come back. \Thar will be a difficult plea to answer worthy of a full editorial in the Guardian. I hope Putin beats them to the punch.

End of bottle of Canarian red. Must go and get another.

Monday, 13 November 2017

We need to have open primary selection of parliamentary candidates

We are in the mess we are in because of the generations of party hacks that have been foisted on us by tiny part selection committees. When elected they get puffed up with their own importance that far exceeds their tiny ability. They say people get the government they deserve but what did the ordinary decent people of the  UK do to deserve Soubry and Dent Coad? Both were produced by a self serving corrupt party system. They claim they were elected by the people but in truth they were selected by a handful of party apparatchiks.

If we want to live under a proper democracy we have to go to primary selection of MPs and many more binding referendums. If Soubry and Coad don't like it they are free to resign.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Back in balmy sunny Tenerife

Been here for last three days. Understandably there is a lot of coverage of the situation in Catalonia on Spanish TV. As I don't speak Spanish it all goes over my head but it does seem fair and balanced by BBC despite Brexit standards.

Michael Gove is saying what needs to be said on Iran.Time for the same on Brexit.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Double Standards and hypocrisy rule in our media

As I write Ms Patel seems to be slow roasted on the spit of our stainless media over the BBC hell fire. But what off Clegg,Adonis and Clarke who went across to Brussels to advise the EU on how to rob our country of a huge amount of money via their unsubstantiated financial demands. Not a  word of criticism of them!

The Israeli army, like the British army will attempt to deliver humanitarian aid where it can direct to those in need. The bien pensants of the FCO prefer to let lucrative contracts to London based "consultants" who never go near those in need. Its a funny old world.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Dangers of the European Arrrest Warrant

Jailing people for political offences was something we got rid of hundreds of years ago. Jailing democratically elected representatives as Spanish judges have done is even worse. The EAW was promoted by the moronic Clegg and the Lib Dems as an essential to fight organised crime. It may help in that if it is properly used but it is not essential. Extradition can happen without EAW it may take longer but justice comes first. That the EAW does not require  a  prima facie requirement  of evidence against the accused is counter to all justice. It equates to extraditing on allegation something our MPs are suffering from  and complaining about right now.

Spanish politicians know their judicial system is highly politicised to the extent of being corrupt. All legal systems are corrupt to a greater or lesser extent. The Spanish system may be better than some in the Balkans but it is certainly not up to UK standards which themselves are not perfect.

It suits our rabidly Europhile politicians to pretend all EU jurisdictions are of equal probity. This is of course untrue and it is why we must remove ourselves from the jurisdiction of the ECJ

EU law is drafted to allow judges a wide latitude of interpretation. As one Eurocrat once said to me this enables us to interpret the law. generously  for our friends and apply it rigorously to our enemies,
,that's you and me.